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A Few WOW’S From My Clients

Katherine lives her passion for Feng Shui by assisting her clients in bringing success to both their personal and commercial endeavors. Her skills and talents have resulted in countless positive life changes and success stories for her clients over the years. One success story: a distraught home owner followed Katherine’s advice to help sell her home which had been on the market for 17 months. After using just one Feng Shui application, within a week a bidding contest for the house commenced and the happy client received $35,000 over her asking price!

Thanks for all your Feng Shui help. We’ve only been in here a week & John’s business is taking off like a rocket! Plus, everyone sleeps good, food tastes great, we all feel good & guests are amazed at how wonderful the entire place feels – thanks to you! Must admit, it feels more like a vacation home than a real-home. Gotta love it!

K, will you believe this? After the work we did last week in my house I received $16,000 in unexpected income from helpful friends! I am convinced that the changes you suggested were the right ones. My house feels very peaceful now! Love it, just love it!

RE: clearing and protecting our home. Saturday morning, we decided again to try and tackle the issue of hanging the paintings that have been piled in a corner for two years. Every time we try to hang them we get into an argument. Literally about ten minutes after we started we got into the same argument we always have about it and everything shut down. Roy suggested we sit down at the kitchen table, in our good directions and light a candle. Not long after, we were talking and communicating. And hanging the pictures at last!

Since January, my business has almost doubled. I have been getting a lot of referrals. Busy, consistent. Good thing.

The time we spent together yesterday was very productive! I’ve started putting some of the cures in place already and thinking about others. I might even start playing piano again! At least I’m thinking about it. Thank you so much for your help! I’ve been zipping up my energy every time I feel the least bit negative. It’s so easy and it really works.

Truly, I did find a jewel, right in my own “backyard”.  Its happened to you before too; someone that you know and then learn the person has more talent and wisdom than you ever noticed. My friend Katherine Ashby. I’ve known her for years, but had no idea the depth of her knowledge and mastery.

2 weeks ago I got the #1 literary AGENT in NY city to take my latest book. She is 100% it will be sold to MAJOR publishing house. My FAME will be restored (and catapulted to new level). Thought you’d like to know.


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