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Realtor Training


Realtor Training

Feng Shui Houston offers a series of three; fast-paced training Modules for Real Estate Professionals who want to better serve their culturally diverse clientele that considers the Feng Shui aspects of a property in their purchase decision. Each Module is 2 hours. Modules can be taken as a stand-alone class, or all three Modules can be conveniently packaged in a one-day workshop at a discounted price.

Real Estate buyers, sellers, investors, builders, and developers who keep abreast of current trends know that Feng Shui is an important aspect in the appeal of a property to many home buyers. Some buyers will even pay a premium of 5% or more for good Feng Shui. Increase your confidence in communicating with Feng Shui-minded clients by zoning in on exactly what you need to know to close the deal as efficiently as possible.

Module I: Basic principles of Feng Shui — a Crash Course! How to match Feng Shui-savvy clients with properties. How to use a compass, a map and the Ba Gua to find the right property for a client. Each student will receive a small compass and instructions on its use. This course module includes printed charts.

Module II: Common Feng Shui terms and what they mean when your client uses them; Typical Feng Shui problems that can block a sale and how to fix them; Feng Shui techniques to attract potential buyers; Five ways to improve the sale of a property from a Feng Shui perspective; How Feng Shui features of a property can become selling points.

Module III: Differences between Eastern and Western Feng Shui methods. Which one is better for buying a house and which one is better for selling? Best Forms and Shapes of the land and buildings and “curing” awkward shapes; Advanced techniques of “curing” bad property to increase its desirability & salability; and The Real Estate Cure from the BTB Feng Shui Tradition.

Where: Your Realty Office, with 5 or more enrolled.

Fee: $75/person, for each Module; $195/person for all three Modules in one day.


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