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Dressing Your Spirit, Not Your Body!

Dress Your Spirit Closet Tours, Personal Shopping Consulting, and Dress Your Spirit Workshops for your group,  helps you discover your Energy Style– that timeless way of dressing that expresses the real you, without a word spoken. Your Energy Style comes from the energetic patterns of your skin, hair, eyes, voice, body movements, emotional temperature, thoughts and feelings. The energy of your clothes comes from the colors, lines, textures, patterns and shapes, and how your clothes move.

Dress Your Spirit sessions show you how to highlight your Energy Style, not mask it. Knowing how to dress your Spirit through your unique Energy Style can make your life significantly easier, through the Law of Attraction. Dress You Spirit Sessions help you to understand and accept yourself and to relate to others more authentically, dynamically and totally through vibration.

There will be only life-affirming words used in your session–no criticizing! Call for your appointment today to put a zip in your style that’s been missing! You will see how to instantly evaluate your wardrobe, choose the perfect shoes that “go with everything,” and jewelry pieces that become your signature. It’s fun and you will never be the same!

There’s no faster way to fall in love with yourself than to have a life-changing makeover in one day. Some clients have said that a day of “Dress Your Spirit!” shopping saved them about two years of therapy!

We meet for coffee/breakfast in the Galleria area and create a plan, for about 30 minutes. We discuss wardrobe goals and your major complaint about your appearance and/or wardrobe. What’s missing? Too many tops and not enough bottoms? No fun clothes? No dating clothes? Nothing goes together? Special event coming up?

The day can include hair and makeup makeovers, or not. I use my favorite artists and let them work with you while I pull clothes together based on our plan and budget. I have experience with everything from underwear to outerwear, accessories, fashion and fine jewelry, coats, shoes and specialty items.

I have shopped every range of stores from Target to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. I will be able to tell you what your signature style is, and when we are finished, you will know what goes with what and when to wear them. The goal is to have everything complete before we end the day, so you don’t have to wonder how to finish the outfits. I work solely for my client and have her best interests at heart, applying all my skills and talents that I have honed over the last 25 years. Other “Dress Your Spirit!” services include Closet Tours (to edit your outdated items), and Color & Style Consultation (2-4 hours of color analysis and wardrobe evaluation of a few key pieces). There is a standard fee for these services. Please call to discuss your needs; I look forward to helping you look and feel uniquely YOU!


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