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Feng Shui Tips For a Happy Home

A house is like a second skin. It’s supposed to provide safety and protection from the outside world, but if the building is out of balance energetically, it can have unfavorable side effects on the residents. Changing the environmental energy, or feng shui, of the house has […]

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2022 Year of the Water Tiger–Things Are Looking Up!

The Chinese calendar, also known as the Farmer’s Calendar, is based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese Martial Arts, that is, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. By analyzing the elements interacting with each other in any given […]

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Six Easy Tips to Feng Shui Your Landscaping

Feng shui deals with the invisible energy, called qi, in buildings. The goal is to harness benevolent qi in the surrounding land to enter the house for the benefit of the people. Good feng shui begins in the yard whether you live in Galveston or Garland, Texas. […]

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Command Position

The command position is one of the most important principles in Black Sect Feng Shui.

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Modern Feng Shui

The last Chinese emperor was deposed in 1911. Western educated Chinese no longer believed in the old ways, but in modern technology and science, not ancient wisdom, and Western culture spread to China along with the sciences and technologies.  

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Roots of Feng Shui

1. The I Ching – considered the “mother of Chinese thought,” the greatest classic of ancient China, revered much as The Bible is revered by Christians. The I Ching, with its 64 Hexagrams, is where the Trigrams of the Ba Gua come from. It is used for […]

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