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Katherine Ashby


About Katherine Ashby

Feng Shui Education

Ashby began her studies of Feng Shui while learning Chinese Cosmology as a student of Macrobiotics, the Japanese holistic view of life. In 1996 she began studying with HH Master Thomas Lin Yun, who introduced Feng Shui to the West in the 1970’s while lecturing on Chinese cultural studies at Harvard and other Universities. Her studies in Western Feng Shui (BTB) include Qi, Tai Qi, Yin Yang Theory, Ba Gua, Eight Trigrams, Visible and Invisible Factors, Nine Basic Cures, Five Elements and Their Cycles, Land Forms, Interior and Exterior Blessings, I Ching, Red Envelope Tradition, Facial Diagnosis, Personal Ch’i Development and others. The application of these Feng Shui principles coincided with immediate changes in Ashby’s life. Spurred by this success, she studied earnestly in order to teach others how to benefit from the science and art of Feng Shui. This led her to study the roots of Feng Shui, the traditional teachings from Classical Chinese Schools of Feng Shui. These studies include Early and Later Heaven Ba Gua, Land Formations, Perfect Arrangement, Lo Shu Square, Luo Pan Compass, San Yuan (Flying Stars), San He (Eight Mansions), 24 Mountains and advanced applications.

Educational Background

Katherine M. Ashby has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics with a Teaching Certificate and has been in private practice in Houston for 25 years helping people master the three arts of food, clothing and shelter. Since 1983, she has delved deeply into the art and science of Feng Shui (fung schway), which studies the “energy” of a given space. She has experience in practicing Classical Chinese Feng Shui as well as the Western (BTB) methods. She has taught Feng Shui classes for University of Houston, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Brenham Independent School District, Blackwood Educational Land Institute, Houston Community College, Texas Education Agency, and Girl Scouts of America, among other well known organizations.


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