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2022 Year of the Water Tiger–Things Are Looking Up!

The Chinese calendar, also known as the Farmer’s Calendar, is based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese Martial Arts, that is, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. By analyzing the elements interacting with each other in any given year, month, day or hour, we can extrapolate meaning to these combinations, thereby giving ourselves a heads up on what to expect. 

2022 is a yang water year, which is characterized as fast, often aggressive movement. It combines with the Tiger, which is wood with hidden fire. Since water nourishes wood and wood is the parent of fire in the productive cycle, we can expect a year of more harmony, growth, and happiness than in the previous few years.

One of the things I like about Chinese New Year is that it’s great for procrastinators. If you get off to a slow start on your goals and projects, you can always claim Chinese New Year as another opportunity to begin a fresh year, and you won’t be alone. Chinese New Year is celebrated by 1.5 billion people all across the world. Lunar New Year 2022 is February 1, as far as celebrations go, but Feng Shui and the Chinese zodiac animal year use the Chinese solar calendar; that’s why people born in January or February are sometimes confused about their animal sign. The 2022 Feng Shui and animal year begins on February 4th at 4:54 a.m. when the invisible qi in buildings shifts according to a cyclical pattern called Flying Stars.

Both Lunar and Solar Chinese calendars are on a 60-year cycle. Every sixty years, history reveals similar events. The last time we had a Yang Water Tiger year was in 1962, and before that, a hundred and twenty years ago in 1902, and a hundred and eighty years ago in 1842. We can look back in history to see what happened in those years in terms of innovations in medicine and technology, the arts, business and transportation, the mood of the people, the economy and financial markets, politics and governments, and even pop culture to get a glimpse of what to expect this year.

A Water Tiger year stimulates creativity and intelligence in the arts and sciences. Raymond Lo, a famous Feng Shui master, points out a few significant happenings in 1962 in the arts: Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup can exhibition on July 9th; the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones revolutionized pop music; the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, premiered in London in October; West Side Story musical won Best Picture at the Academy Awards in April. He also predicts that the hospitality, restaurant, entertainment, and travel industries will bounce back as people start socializing again. Fire, the happiness element, has been missing since 2018 and now it’s back. When people are happy and confident, they usually spend more money, which in turn drives up the financial markets. Things are looking up!

Do watch your health. While fire brings optimism, it can trigger inflammation, heart, and blood circulation problems in vulnerable people. Wood governs the liver, feet and legs, so be kind to your liver (eat more greens) and watch your step. Do not overdo alcohol. You will be tempted to drive too fast–don’t do it! The chances are slightly higher for getting a speeding ticket or some other penalty, especially if you have Snake, Monkey or Tiger anywhere in your chart. Sign up for dancing, running, walking, cycling, kick boxing, and other fast movement activities that involve the feet to use up any excess wood qi. It’s also a great year to learn the appropriate use of anger, the domain of the liver, by taking inspired action for the underprivileged and arguing your case to advocate for children. 

This year the Feng Shui energies fly to their original positions, making some rooms super auspicious and some a bit dicey. It’s an excellent time to look into your personal Four Pillars of Destiny to plan your strategies and to organize your home with a Feng Shui update.

Wishing you all a  prosperous and happy New Year, whenever you celebrate it!



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