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Special Package – JOY


Special Package – JOY


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What’s in the Special Package?

  • The most important room in the house
  • Best houses for women
  • Three Door Bagua template
  • Example floor plans and how to place the bagua
  • How to activate all nine rooms with super-easy methods
  • Meaning of each room and which family members they affect
  • What part of the house generates money?
  • How to stop male abuse
  • Nine ways to increase income
  • Two prayers for getting unstuck in your life, immediately
  • The one-word mantra to say for miracles
  • Cures and enhancements for each room
  • How to clear predecessor energy from the bed
  • The miracle that changed my life after activating my favorite gua
  • Emergency measures to stop the money drain and start accumulating wealth
  • One word to get your life all together
  • Feng Shui: Invisible Architecture That Changes Everything Preview
  • Transcripts
  • Coupon code for

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