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Feng Shui for Love and Wealth


Feng Shui for Love and Wealth


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Saturday, February 6. 2016, 2:00-5:00pm

Houston Yoga & Ayurvedic Center, 13602 Kluge Rd., Cypress, TX 77429

Is this the year you fall in love and double your wealth? Yes, it can be!

Moving beyond the basics, this class will focus on classical Chinese feng shui as well as the Three Door Bagua to enhance the aspects of your home responsible for two of the most powerful forces in the world, Love and Wealth. We will look at love and wealth from both the logical and mystical perspectives.

You will learn your personal trigram for love based on your birthday and how to use it, and the most beneficial compass direction for you to achieve great success and above average wealth. We will identify common symbols that benefit our efforts and symbols that sabotage. Some homes are built for wealth and some are built for love. Find out which is yours.

Why should you take a class? You never know what knowledge can change your life. There is new knowledge that comes out of group consciousness that isn’t available from a book, on the internet or a webinar—when we gather for a specific purpose, we can be changed in the group process in ways that are not available anywhere else. Plus, it’s fun and energizing!

Valentine’s is a great time to take a close look at Love and Wealth from the feng shui perspective. Come and be enriched!

Location: Houston Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness Center, 13602 Kluge Rd.,

Cypress, TX 77429. For location questions, please contact Sharon Kapp. Office: 281-246-8461 Cell: 832-349-0370

Donation: $39 Cash or Check at the door.


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