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Ashby’s professional practice of Feng Shui includes techniques from both Classical Chinese and BTB Feng Shui. Services include audits of homes, home offices, pre-viewing real estate before purchase, matching people with properties, classes, entertaining speaking engagements, and training new practitioners.

She collaborates with other professionals on large projects. Please let us know how we can help you. If you would like to schedule a Feng Shui audit of your home or office, take classes, become a Feng Shui practitioner, schedule a presentation... Continue Reading


Katherine offers two full 30-hour training courses for individuals who want to “do it yourself” or who want to become serious practitioners of Feng Shui, as Certified Feng Shui Practitioners.

BLACK SECT FENG SHUI (BTB) 30 hours: Includes class notes directly from HH Thomas Lin Yun, the Feng Shui Master who brought Feng Shui to the West: Feng Shui Element and Color Theory, Advanced Three Door Ba Gua techniques, specialty cures, blessing and clearing ceremonies, resources list, printed handouts, on-site case studies and experiences... Continue Reading


Katherine assists her clients in bringing success to both their personal and commercial endeavors. Her skills and talents have resulted in countless positive life changes and success stories for her clients over the years.

One success story:
A distraught home owner followed Katherine’s advice to help sell her home which had been on the market for 17 months. After using just one Feng Shui application, within a week a bidding contest for the house commenced and the happy client received $35,000 over her asking price!... Continue Reading